Engaging youth in creative projects that positively impact climate change, achieve food security & tackle unemployment


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Our Motto

Work, Not War

Jobs, Not Charity

Why Youthoppia?

Empowering Youth Through Entrepreneurship

Create Job Opportunities

Reduce Dependence on Foreign Aid

Reduce Crime

Reduce Cash Economy

Inclusive Growth

Direct Access to International Markets

Remote Mentoring

Connecting with Industry experts

Investing for the Future

Trying to pursue your entrepreneurial passion but don’t know where to start?

An Investment That Matters.

Change is perhaps the greatest return on investment. Your involvement can bring about progress in more ways than one. Profits aside, Youthoppia is an opportunity to invest in projects that make a difference.

Upon receiving proposals from the entrepreneurs, we fund them and provide our expertise. This partnership with the start-up is centered around building businesses that benefit society as a whole. You can also help revive sick business units and convert them into profitable ventures through dedicated and experienced managers.

You’ll find that the possibilities of growth are truly endless with Youthoppia.

A profitable marketplace in every aspect

Access to undeveloped yet growing markets

Transparent & up-to-date online reports

Sponsoring projects that impact society

Opportunity for acquisitions and mergers

Partners in Growth

About Us

'Charity is for assistance, not livelihood'

We, at Youthoppia, believe in entrepreneurship - If you cannot find a job, create one! By engaging youth in creative projects, we aim to build a prosperous economy.

Migration, forced deportation, civil wars, fleeing investors, famine, and a growing and young population without job opportunities are just some of the problems facing the world today, and particularly African nations. Despite being resource-rich, they are also among the poorest with poor living conditions.

Our goal at Youthoppia is to provide youth with a platform to bring positive change and create more opportunities in the economy.

The company is driven by founders who have over 18 years of work experience in Africa.

To know more about us and our founders, please contact us directly at